on January 28, 2008


I make people clean,i flow through the showers.
I make plants grow, i help grow flowers.
I flow through the rivers, i feel so good.
When it comes to save me , Why everyone so rude?

Don't be so ignorant, try to understand me
I am for you all, open your eyes and see
It will get late, It will get over
Do something please, Its now or never

I see people brushing, i see people shaving.
I get wasted all over, but people keep ignoring.
I love them all, but i am neglected.
I do so much for all, but its never reflected.

Written by : Manish Chauhan, Pune

From the very early days of mine, i was always inclined towards the nature. My favorites were plants, birds, other creatures, and natural things which are essential for survival of this earth like plants, air and water.

But Its sad to see the state of one of these things, Today i want to talk about is WATER.

Its one of the things people waste so much without considering it costly.
I often listen comments like :

  • Its god given , its in the rivers , what will happen if some litres are wasted or gone.
  • Anyways millions of gallons of waters is wasted all day in hours , what great will happen if i save some litres.
In case water is flowing from the tap or anyplace it becomes "PAIN" for someone to save "WATER" , because its not there property, or it does not concern them ...

There are thousands of children dying everyday just because they don't get sufficient water to drink... but millions of people take shower trice a day to keep them "clean" .

Consider a small and trivial situation , if everyone on this earth does shaves not with flowing water but with a mug of water , This single alone event will save more then 100 million or more liters of water in single day ... because the water will be saved while people were shaving and water was not flowing.

The amount of water flushed in toilets daily is far more then the water drank in a day ...

There are small things which need to be taken care by people, which needs little efforts and little involvement from everyone... Following are the things with highest priorities ...

1. Close the taps if they are open unnecessarily. Repair the taps even if the water gets flowed drop by drop, even if its flowing with rate of 1 drop per second , its boil downs to 9 gallons per day or around 2700 gallons per year.

2. Avoid flushing the toilet unnecessarily. Dispose of tissues, insects and other such waste in the trash rather than the toilet.

3. Stop using long and unnecessary showers.

4. Don't let water run while shaving or washing your face or brushing you teeth.

There are a lot of things to take care which people should take care of and not wait for someone to ask to do them . Its everyone responsibility to save this precious natural thing provided to us by nature.

There are small responsibilities for everyone which are big pain for most of us, but if we don't take this pain now, they will hit us or our future generation very hard. People waste a lot of water everywhere, there are situations when they could have avoided the wastage or could have minimized it, but they consider the whole act of saving water as WASTE .

There is a lack of awareness among people and they don't know that water is so important. We must try to increase the awareness at least among the people we know , even if one person who reads this article and gets concerned and tries to take pain and understands the problem and starts doing something positive about this problem , it will be great !!! and it will be at least a start.

Even if we add one person to the "pool of concerned person" in some days ... it will be a lot in some years, and it will be a great effort ...