on April 15, 2008


Following are the writeups about me from my class mates in MCA at Pune University Computer Science Department.

"Agar tum mere is sawal ka jawab doge, to main tumse dus aur sawal poochonga":)

If you find someone scribbling on a piece of paper on the door-steps of the dept. b sure he is none other than Manish.:-) He has got a real knack for puzzles and
Number Theory.His fav. past time is reading and increasing his knowledge about numbers.Be it CM, SIM, or Graphics, he has special affection with all these subjects.The mere reason behind it being it involves Mathematics. He is a very cool-headed person with simple and humble approach towards life.You would always find him smiling and thats the best part in him. He is very helpful when it comes to assignments and has been a gr8 aid to me from time to time.

He is a fun-loving person and does not need any reason to laugh.His PJs are really Pathetic and imagination all the more weird but he can bring smile to ur face with his descriptions of funny scenarios. Although a movie-buff but never trust his comments on a movie as according to him every movie is "Good":-) and there were times when after watching a movie, I wondered why did I even listen to his reviews about it.

His write-up won't be complete without the mention of his cooking skills.
He is an excellent cook and has a passion for cooking and experimenting new
dishes.He loves to eat and mebbe thats why he loves to cook as well.I'll terribly miss the time when we cooked together.IT was really gr8 being with you and thanks for making me eat all those things which I really hate to. I'll even miss your peculiar way of saying "Arey Beta.....":-)

May God bless you.Have a great future ahead.


Are beta Manissss hum tumhara writeup likh rahe hain. "Mr. cool" of csd, spreads calmness whereever he goes. You can't irritate him no matter what you do(beleive me I have tried everything). I see my own reflection(not physically ;-) ) in him. We have had discussions on every conceivable topic and our thoughts were almost same. In these three years I have learnt a lot of things from him. Intelligent and intellectual his motto is "study less, understand more".

Very helpful, he has taught many students on the eve of exams without caring about his own preparation. Known for his jokes, his heights of everything, I still remember his one liner on height of poverty ;-) . Energy and soul of khadki group, he has the potential and he'll achieve his goals of life.


Manisssss is what we call him,thinking about him creates coolness in environment.he is as cool as the cold waves in greenland.This is one of his strengths and one of things which i tried to learn from him during 3 years with him.he became famous as gabbar singh during our intro session.A guy with discipline,loves mathematics,with a good smile and do enjoy anything involving thought process.applies mind on everything.loves good food,good music and likes to innovate.from last three years,i have seen him in his blue nickers with a banyan over it at flat. This guy is responsible for getting many people passed during first sem.

This guy is having many dreams and he will surely get them.wish u a happy and
successful life ahead.

- Rachit

Manish or better call him maths bond...one who is engrossed in his own world of numbers...one either finds him solving a problem or reading a book on numbers...he is one of the nicest people i have come across...very helpful,kind and down to earth...he loves being in his world of maths...and has amazing ability of grasping things...and is very good at explainin them too...n hence he has cleared the concepts of lots of people in the dept...well i guess this is wat majority of people in dept knw abt him..but her ecomes the insiders view...he is not only gud wid maths concepts but he is equally gud wid his fundas abt life....

he has a very clear understandin of everythin n amazes me by putting things which may appear confusing n complicated to others in a very simple matter of factly manner.manish is someone who knows his priorities right...stands by his principles...n doesnt believe in gossiping :))...he is truly a gem of a person...n now dat he is making a new beginning in his life i wish him all the success n happiness...n im sure he'll make it big in tihs world!!!
cheers manish!!stay as u r!!


This person can certainly write "n" number of problems on an N-size array.
Yes, i am talking about the "Aare Beta" or "Khanshi" as we know him(because of his non-stop 365 days of coughing in a year). During Third sem, we often felt that whenever he is going to open his mouth, either he is going to cough, or Going to through an N-size array problem on us. The gabber singh of our class, has a really dangerous smile. Being with him for three years(as we were room-mates too) has taught me many things about life, commitment, passion for what you do. How this person never fooled around a system wasting his time(while i am writing this article, he is doing some kind of coding) made me amazed some time.

I will never forget how he used to write the code for assignments in 2 days, and then refine them to perfection till the submission day(and announce the refinements every- time he made them to the whole class). He has always been in limelight of helping out people(specially girls) on any subject(if he can) but i know the whole and soul purpose of his was helping and learning.He makes good food(though rice is always a part of those dishes). The word from his mouth which scares me the most is "probability", i don't know how he thinks of mapping any thing with probability. The last thing i came to know about this guy is he always want to play "flash" every night(i don't know how he will manage his money?). One more thing about this person, never challenge him to write a code in gofer, i know he will always win. All the best to you man.


He's a brilliant guy. Has a real flair for solving puzzles and questions that would make a mince meat of anyone else's brain. I consider him to be a very good friend of mine. We spent a lot of time together visiting companies (being fellow place members) and those were great times. He made every situation seem easy and light. He does have a gross sense of humour though at times....

The most admirable thing about him is his super-cool temperament. He never
takes much tension. He's very down to earth and a genuine person. With his brain, sincerity and all the good will that he's sure to get, he's bound to be very
successful in his life.


Manish is the most hardworking person i have ever seen. He knows what he
wants and is fully dedicated to achieving that. He is damn brilliant, has awesome grasping power. There were many classes, especially CM and SIM, when he would be the only one who got what happens in class and after that he would explain that to everyone. He is good in all subjects, be it maths, logic or coding.

He is very humble person. He also likes to cook and is very good at it. He
is always happy and would make others laugh with his jokes. If u hear "arree beta" be sure manish is around (;-)).

He got a knack for puzzles, would always be asking puzzles from others. He
is very helpful, if you have any problem, he would always help you out. I wish him all the best for future. May you have a wonderful life ahead. Do keep in touch.


I'll forever remain grateful to him for all the times he's helped me with my studies. He's been like a mentor to me many times. The best thing about learning from him is that he never grudges or complains about his time being wasted and is willing to explain a thing countless no. of times if a person has any doubt.I really think that he has a flair for teaching. I wish him the very best in his future.