on March 10, 2009

My Favorite Scene ...

You must be having your own favorite movie and favorite scenes . There are many movies which were not a big hit and not came much in limelight , but have some best scenes . One of my top most favorite is scene from "Socha Na Tha" .

Why do i love this scene so much ?

People like things which they can relate to , or they want to relate it to somehow , they might have some dream about it , want it to happen with them .. So may be its the same reason with me too.

Enjoy the scene ...


Unknown said...


even I loved Socha Na Tha.

Anonymous said...

Hey! I cant see ur video.....some flash problems on my PC but I am sure it is gonna be a good one.....SNT was a cute movie.
There is a scene in the song 'jiya dhadak dhadak jaye'......in which umbrella slips from Smily's hands & Kunal khemo turns to get it but Smily holds his arm & tells him something like.....jaane do na.... I find that scene very beautiful :)