on November 12, 2008

PUCSD Memories PUCSD was a different place, it added a new flavour in my life, the style of education, the atmosphere of department and the life here altogether were in-sync with my likings and were just like me, Not only it taught me Computer Science, it taught me life too. I have learned and seen all the dimensions of life in PUCSD. The time spent here was great for me. i will always remember this part my life which has made the rest of my life. I might have become a man of success without coming to this institution, But now i will become man of values and principles too. It was an honour for me to meet and learn from Great teachers like Roy (when will you do that question i gave you ? ) and Mody sir . Some Beautiful Moments in PUCSD 8588115933982525693 There are many who became part of my life in PUCSD and i have learned a lot from them .. Each person has taught me something while i was with them .. This part of my life will be one of the most important part of my life. I miss PUCSD ... manish


vineet said...

really really a nice one..... just reminded me of all the things we did together in those three years :)

Geet said...
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Mahesh said...

hey Manish

may i get sample papers/last yrs papers of entrance exam for MCS/MCA programme