on November 21, 2008

Recently i watched DASVIDANIYA , the hindi movie .. I am a big fan of Vinay Pathak . His performance in Bheja Fry has touched me ... The humour at its best . I have never seen a classic actor like him . That's the reason i was waiting for Dasvidaniya for long and at moment i decided to watch it alone in theatre when no one was there to accompany me . I generally never prefer watching movie alone in theatre, but finally i downloaded it and watched it .

Every movie as its best scenes , Following is one scene which has touched my Heart and the performance from Vinay Pathak is unbeatable.

Vinay Pathak is suffering from Cancer and can die in another some months and decides to do a set of things which he wanted to do before he died . one of which is telling his childhood love (Neha Dhupiya) that he loves him .. He meets her after a long time only to find that She is now married happily . But a wish is a wish and he decides no matter what he will tell her that he loves her . Watch the clip .

I really wanted to see how Neha Dhupia Neha Dhupia feels after Vinay Pathak Proposed her . That's one thing movie missed .