Wierd Life

on May 21, 2009

There are moments in life , when you want to say a lot of things to someone , but life dont give you those circumstances and those situations .

Its too dis-hearting and tough to keep it all in your heart and mind . The feeling of "If only I would have said that" kills you each moment . Life becomes tough ...

Why ? I guess life does not wants you to go ahead and do it , Its just not worth and you have some thing else do concentrate on , just forget it , let it go and dont look back . But surely its painful , so is life :)

people who are so close to you , suddenly go so far , that you never talk to them , never see them , never hear there voice , which was totally unimaginable that time , and now after so many months , years . You remember them when you see some pic or hear the same name in some song and then all those moments become fresh ...

Weird Life . Real life


Anonymous said...

Hi Manish

Happen to come accross this post of yours..interesting read..very true people who we are so close to suddenly lost somewhere in time..one thing I have realised that people come into our lives for a season or for a reason or for a lifetime.Those who were here for season were the prayers we had in our sub conscious mind which was answered by universe.Those for a reason were here to teach us something in life and in exchange learn something from us.Like a season they fade away with time.And those for lifetime are our "self" in different physical form who will walk with us till infinity.
Raja Bose